As winter draws closer and days in Windhoek get cooler, there is not much time left to wear dresses without having to layer on a coat, stockings or tights to keep warm. I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of winter guys. I just don’t think it’s fun to freeze my a** off and not even the fashion can change my mind. And although I’m definitely already feeling the chill, I decided to wear this denim dress I picked up from The Fix recently over a white T-shirt and my favourite shoesies on one of the last few warm afternoons before it becomes a full blown winter. I accessorized with a cap and these giant gold hoop earrings that I looooove (because who has time for basic sized hoops in 2018???). Goodbye summer.

Keep warm and get your flu and cold shots to keep the sniffles away loves.

Thanks for popping by!!!


Cap – Legit | Earrings – The Fix | T-shirt – Mr. Price | Dress – The Fix | Cross-body Bag – Uniko | Sneakers – Street House







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